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5 Awesome Ways You Can Enjoy Your Free VPN

I’m pretty sure most of us, if not all, have already heard of and used a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service at least once in our lifetime. Maybe a friend back in high school introduced you to one and you were amazed by how it changed the way you view the internet, or one night you were searching for ways to watch that show that sadly isn’t available in your region and you stumbled upon the magic of VPN. Surely, we all have stories of how VPN saved us from internet troubles, which is why I believe that the world should start looking this way especially in an era where personal data can easily be hacked and manipulated against us.

In a nutshell, VPN is a software that protects us from online criminals by encrypting the data we share online so we leave no trace behind—that is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are other awesome ways to enjoy a free VPN. Buckle up, everybody.

1.         Stay anonymous

–          First and foremost, using a VPN service makes your private activity and information online actually, really private. As mentioned above, VPN encrypts the data you send over the internet, and also it encrypts your IP address so no one can track and hack your online whereabouts.

2.         Shop online while abroad

–          Say, you were traveling abroad when your favorite local brand decided to hold a clearance sale and you want to get first dibs, of course. Unfortunately, due to geographical restrictions, you’re not able to access their website. Fret not, with the use of VPN, you can change your IP address by switching server locations. Therefore, you can convince their website that you’re ordering from your home country and grant you access. Amazing, isn’t it? Now, go add to the cart that cute puff sleeve dress.

3.         Save money

–          Following the tip above, by switching server location, you can save up big money on your purchases. Believe it or not, many e-commerce websites put different price tags on their products depending on your location. For example, a luxury bag may cost a bit higher in the US than in India. This is also the case with hotel accommodations, prices change according to where you’re booking from. Did you know about this? If not, you can keep this in mind the next time you purchase anything online.

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4.         Unlock blocked contents

–      If there’s anything more annoying than leaving your umbrella on a rainy day, it is not being able to watch your favorite series because your country doesn’t allow it. Bummer! But thanks to the power of VPN, you can unlock several streaming site libraries including Netflix and Hulu by changing your IP address. This doesn’t only give you access to shows that are only available in the US or UK, it will also prevent you from doing extra measures like illegally downloading the show out of desperation.

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5.         Play with no restrictions

–          Sometimes, you just want to play your heart out with your friends, especially after a busy day. But certain circumstances prevent you from enjoying it, namely geo-blocks. Maybe your friends live in other countries and the online game you’re trying to play together isn’t available in your region. Again, with the help of a VPN service, you can switch your server location to the one closer to your friends, so you can continue playing with them, hassle-free. Moreover, this will also help you avoid those people you don’t want to play with because they bring the team down every time. I know, we all know someone.

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5 Awesome Ways You Can Enjoy Your Free VPN

With the market already saturated with several VPN servers that offer almost the same quality, it’s easy to find one that you can stick to. GoingVPN is just one of many, but what sets it apart is that it’s free without compromising the quality. We are already spending enough money on our daily expenses, that we even go through pins and needles just to avail of a 20% discount on essential products, we wouldn’t want another monthly bill in the mail.

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