A Beginners Guide to Unrestricted Internet Access: The Best Free VPN for Kashmir

In the recent turn of events, Kashmir finally restored nationwide internet access after a long 18-month ban—the longest internet shutdown in a democratic country.

On February 5, the Indian authorities temporarily lifted the ban, allowing its citizens to access the world wide web legally. This is a huge win for the people as regaining internet access means reopening of schools, banks, and other essential services. Additionally, the lifting of the internet ban can help in the advancement of the healthcare system in the country, especially in an era where proper healthcare is needed the most.

But proven in previous and constant occurrences, it will probably take just enough time before they repeal the order and ultimately declare another shutdown. In order to not fall into this black hole all over again, one solution is to install a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

But first, what is a VPN?

To give you the simplest explanation, a VPN acts as an invisibility cloak that hides your identity and private activities online.

Now, let’s get technical. A VPN is a simple software that encrypts everything that passes through its server, making the data unreadable for a third-party agent to monitor and manipulate. Picture a tunnel right between you and the internet, the tunnel is the VPN, and everything you do while you’re inside the tunnel stays in it. This makes it hard even for professional hackers to use the data you send over the internet against you.

A VPN also helps you to bypass strict firewalls brought about by internet bans or geographical restrictions. This can be done by masking your real IP address and changing it to a different one to trick the remote server. Therefore, granting you access to their website.

The key point is, using a VPN makes your browsing experience safe and unbounded by any restrictions.

Got it. Now, how to choose and download the best free VPN for Kashmir?

There are a lot of readily-available VPNs online but only a few offer unlimited and free service. To help you circumvent the impending Kashmir internet bans without breaking the bank, downloading a free VPN like GoingVPN is a must.

GoingVPN offers a safe and free VPN service that works even in the most heavily-censored countries such as India and China. With over twenty virtual servers around the globe, you can easily find one to help you go through any restrictions. To add to that, GoingVPN also offers a lightning-fast and unlimited internet service to browse and stream your favorite shows and websites, lag-free. When it comes to security, GoingVPN prides itself on its military-grade security features, the best in the industry, making your connection secured all throughout your experience. The best part is, it’s all for free with absolutely no subscription fee.

To download, just go to the Google Play Store, type in ‘GoingVPN’ and then click install. Once done, open the app and choose from the server locations available and connect by pressing the huge switch button. Its one-touch connectivity will make it easier for everyone to use, even for beginners. Lastly, once activated, you may log in to any of your preferred online services or website and feel free to access the world at your fingertips.

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