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Imagine you come back to your hotel after a long day of exploring a new city. You take a long bubble bath, wind down for the night and decide to watch TV before bed. And when you try to open your Netflix account, surprise! You can’t access Netflix. Where’s the TV show you were binge watching back home?

Lots of websites, such as Netflix, offer location-based services, ads, media and content. Another classic example is Spotify, which you can only use abroad for a limited amount of time when you have the free plan.

Using a VPN gives you access to websites like Netflix and Spotify from different countries. Along with a bunch of other applications and websites.

We know that you’ve probably heard it already but a VPN is one of the best investments you can make in your online security. This is true at any time, but especially when you travel. From dodgy public Wi-Fi to blocked websites, government surveillance, to locked bank accounts, the best VPN for travelling will make your travels safer and easier.

The whole thing can be a bit confusing. But fret no more because we are here to unlock it all for you. Here in this article, we will be sharing with you what a VPN actually is, and why you’d want to use one when you’re on the road. We will also be sharing with you the best VPN for travelling.

Bon Voyage

When we travel, we tend to log into multiple Wi-Fi networks all over the world. We go for the open and free networks. We use restaurants’ Wi-Fi and even public Wi-Fi when it works properly. This brings a number of security risks to our data and privacy.

Every time you connect to a Wi-Fi hot spot, hackers can steal your data. On top of that, some websites and services don’t work in certain parts of the world.

This makes it difficult for you to enjoy your time online. But with the best VPN for travelling, you can connect to sites, access or use all applications, and be assured that you and your privacy is safe and secure wherever you might be in the world.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is like your own secure, private tunnel to the internet. All the information you send and receive online is scrambled and encrypted before it flies through the air and over the wires, keeping it safe from prying eyes.

In practical terms, this means that all your activity, the sites you use, login information, your online messages and calls, everything is kept private. With the possible exception of the VPN company itself, nobody will know what you do online or have access to anything you type or view.

It basically protects your identity by encrypting your personal data ensuring that it will not fall on the hands of the wrong people.

So, if you’re planning your next trip, don’t just plan out your activities, hotel and accommodation etc. Include a VPN in your next plan so you will have a stress-free, safe and secure out of town or out of the country journey with your family, friends, or even just yourself.