Digitized art is now becoming mainstream, especially in the creative industry, as employers and companies require their graphic artists and designers applicants to submit their portfolio link. More often than not, applicants use Behance as an online storage of their collected artworks.

Aside from the purpose of having a professional portfolio, Behance is used as a platform for social and political awareness through art. Contemporary artists’ artwork themes are mostly about issues like inequality and prejudice.

Because of the message and the structure, most artworks on Behance get so much attention that several people grab the photos and post them on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

And two things happen when an art becomes viral: (1) more and more people will be allies; and (2) people who are spiteful will get triggered and find the source of the art and then heaven-knows-what-these-people-can-do will happen.

We salute our brave artists of this time but we cannot stop them from voicing out their perceptions because it will make the oppressors stronger. What these artists have to do is add an extra layer of cybersecurity.

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