best free VPN for Pokémon GO

Did you run out of Pokémon catches in your area? It’s about time to move around! But since we’re still not encouraged to go out unnecessarily, we could only do so much at home. No worries! With the help of the best free VPN for Pokémon GO, you can find as many PokéStops as you can from other locations without having to go outside and risk your health. Sit back and relax at home and allow the best free VPN to help you spoof your location and play around the world without restrictions! Read on for everything you need to know.

Pokémon GO works depending on your current location. All features including the type of Pokémon you can catch bank on wherever you are at the moment. To level up, you will need to walk around to find gyms or PokéStops or other players to invite on a duel. This is what made this game a sensation upon its release, and why it was still thriving five years later. However, the interactive feature that has made it so popular is the same reason why some players got stuck on the same level. Especially in the current situation of the world, it would be impossible to proceed with the game by only staying at home.

Fortunately, you can get around such restrictions with the help of a Virtual Private Network or a VPN.

Spoof your location using a VPN

A VPN helps mask your IP address on any app without having to fly out. This works by rerouting your traffic to a secret tunnel where data encryption takes place. But for Pokémon GO, you will need a third-party app for the trick to work. Fret not, we will talk you through the process. Take notes!

First and foremost, download a good VPN. Keep it secured and proceed. Next, download a GPS spoofing app. We recommend you search for specifics such as ‘Pokémon go spoofing’ for easier tracking. Set up your GPS location to anywhere you want. Once done, you may revisit the VPN app you just installed. Connect to a location server that matches the GPS. This makes the connection safe and anonymous. Just a reminder, ensure that the locations match, or else security problems would arise. When you’re done with the steps, you can now go and catch Pokémon anywhere in the world.

Apart from security and anonymity, a VPN can also help you bypass geographical restrictions in places where Pokemon GO is blocked. Read this post to learn more.

Choose GoingVPN: the best free VPN for Pokémon GO

After learning all about VPNs, the next step would be choosing which one to download. Unlike in Pokémon GO, you don’t have to search far and wide for the right answer. If you’re looking for a quality VPN service that doesn’t break the bank, then a free VPN such as GoingVPN is the one for you.

GoingVPN offers its users unlimited data and a high-speed internet connection for a smooth gaming experience, risk-free. And by risk-free, we mean you can literally go through your game escapades without worrying about anyone taking advantage of you, thanks to GoingVPN’s military-grade security system.

What’s more, the app offers over a hundred servers in 30+ locations so you can easily find a stable one to connect to.

Enjoy your virtual trips around the globe with your trusted Pokémon safely with the GoingVPN app. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store now.

For more information, you may visit their website.

Happy hunting, everyone!