Every age group in Myanmar is deeply affected by their country’s situation. For the children, it’s that touch of freedom of playing outside with friends- not even thinking about getting into trouble. For the elderly, it’s the daily morning stroll, just minding the peace and quiet that can only be achieved by appreciating the outdoors.

As for the teenagers to the young adult age category, it’s the combined fear and excitement of going to school. Also, fear of seeing their terror professors and pile of school works; and excitement as they go on their journey with their new-found campus friends.

College Students in the Time of Pandemic and Coup

Now, fear and anxiety rule over this age category as they are, personally I think, the most affected with the happenings in Myanmar. From dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic to the coup that the military government has organized, people who belong to this category seem stuck.

They cannot meet with their friends. Plus, it’s hard to find a job in this situation. As for the college students in Myanmar, they cannot go to school to study and go to the library for extensive research purposes.

Although there’s an internet, Myanmar has a limited internet connection available as prepaid and mobile data internet is blocked in their country. And don’t get us started on blocked scholarly articles. What’s the point of putting them online if a large group of people won’t be able to see those, right?

Students across the globe rely on the internet so much these days. It doesn’t sit right with me that there are several scholarly things online that internet users, mostly from Asian and African countries, can’t access.

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