American video-sharing platform YouTube has evolved over the years. From housing some of the best music videos of all time and allowing content creators to upload their own; this social media giant has grown to be the second-largest search engine next to Google. The only difference is that it’s solely dedicated to video content.

Personally, I have been using YouTube lately to watch news and updates. Since I have been living without local TV, my only source of information was the internet. And to feel as if I’m watching the 6 pm news at home like the old times, I watch news snippets on YouTube rather than just reading it online.

As a visual learner, I also like to watch DIY videos most of the time. The variation is super wide, really. It can go from ‘How to dye my own hair’ to ‘how to install a mechanical clock without help.’ But of course, my favorite thing about YouTube is I can watch music videos and shows of my favorite artists anytime, anywhere. All I’m saying is that YouTube has played a fundamental role in the digital era and it would be quite difficult without it.

YouTube blocked in Myanmar

Since the commencement of the cyber ban in Myanmar, citizens weren’t able to access YouTube. Along with Facebook and Twitter, the authorities also banned YT from public access. This was part of the military’s effort to prevent the flow of information between people.

As things go, not only did the military cut down the communication; they have also indirectly sabotaged the daily lives of the citizens. Without YouTube or the internet in general, people were robbed off of access to online materials. This included news, DIY tutorials, and a little entertainment.

Watch YouTube without restrictions via free YouTube VPN in Myanmar

Whether you are in Myanmar or other heavily censored countries, you must take notes. One solution to access blocked content is by using free YouTube VPN in Myanmar.

A VPN creates a secret tunnel where the information slides in before it reaches its original destination. The tunnel hides your online identity and internet traffic, allowing you to be able to bypass any blocks. Also, through data encryption, a VPN makes the data unreadable for someone else, even from your own ISP. With your identity and activities hidden, it’s easier to access YouTube without getting detected by the authorities.

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