Going, Going, Gone: Protect Your Online Privacy with GoingVPN’s Safe and Free VPN Service

Hurry! This isn’t a drill.

We are now in an era where personal data can easily be hacked in a blink of an eye. The global pandemic made matters even worse. Since we’re all advised to keep a safe distance from one another, we’re pushed to do all our transactions online. From food delivery to zoom meetings at work and with friends, our personal information is all over the internet now. And that goes without saying that we are not at all safe from data theft and manipulation by those preying on our vulnerability.

Thankfully, we have Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to the rescue. If you’re not yet familiar with what it does, here is an easy-to-follow flow chart:

Safe and Free VPN
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VPN is a simple software that protects your online privacy. Basically, what it does is encrypt the data you send over the internet, meaning no one can see whatever you’re doing online. It protects you from hackers and other online criminals. But wait, it gets even better. Apart from security, it also helps you get access to as many sites as you want sans geoblocks by hiding your real IP address. It’s safe and convenient at the same time!

Safe and Free VPN

GoingVPN does just that. Its top-notch security features protect you from unwanted spies, even professional hackers, that may use your personal information against you. It does not only encrypt your data but also your IP address so won’t leave any trace behind. With this in mind, you can surf comfortably at home and even in public places. Additionally, it offers its users unlimited data to use for streaming and surfing while ensuring a high-speed and reliable service wherever you are.

GoingVPN also helps you unlock blocked sites with its several server locations and bandwidth that is just a click away. Thanks to its simple and easy-to-use interface, you can simply choose whichever server suits your need and press the switch button to connect. Once done, you are free to watch and stream and play all you want. The best part is? IT’S ALL FREE FOR EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE.

But if you’re still looking to upgrade your online security, you can opt to subscribe to GoingVPN Plus to get more server locations and maximum speed. To start off, you can enjoy 7 days of a free trial when you share it with your friends. Go to www.goingvpn.com for more details.

So, what are you waiting for? Say bye-bye to hacking worries and start your safe and free VPN journey NOW. Get your phone or tablet and go to Play Store or App Store. Download the GoingVPN app, and explore the limitless possibilities.

Going, Going, Gone: Protect Your Online Privacy with GoingVPN’s Safe and Free VPN Service
GoingVPN As The Best Free VPN Service

There are multiple instances that a user needs a totally free VPN for his daily needs, whether to protect his important personal data or access geo-blocked contents on the internet. Truth be told, a lot of people can’t afford a paid VPN because of their income- they could not invest on such things like a VPN service. So the result would be finding a totally free VPN that can give them the best free VPN service.

Sure, plenty of free VPN services are available in the market now and they have already established quite a reputation. But GoingVPN is on a whole new level. Aside from being a totally free VPN service, it also gives users an unlimited VPN. This makes users browse the internet freely whenever they want. And since GoingVPN gives its users access to blocked contents, users will be able to view geo-blocked contents such as streaming devices, scholarly papers, online media outlets, and not to mention, free VPN for porn.

GoingVPN also provides an ultra-high-speed technology to avoid lags while browsing, making it the best VPN for some browsers like Chrome. With over 10,000 downloads on Play Store, GoingVPN is considered as one of the best VPN for Chrome. GoingVPN has also a smooth operation on Opera browser, making it a recommended VPN service for Opera VPN android. It makes downloading, uploading, and streaming media stable and faster.

Here are some of the user reviews for GoingVPN on Google Play Store:

A user said that GoingVPN is the best free VPN service he ever tried

A user commented regarding the high speed of GoingVPN

A gamer user praising GoingVPN

While new in the market, GoingVPN is a promising VPN service that everyone should have. GoingVPN is a free VPN for android. Users need not waste their money on some paid VPN because the best free VPN is already here. With unlimited VPN data that requires no subscriptions and VPN free trial, users can surf the internet in peace anytime, anywhere.

GoingVPN, users’ best free VPN service!

✅ Best VPN for Chrome

✅ Smooth and no lags in Opera VPN android

✅ Totally free VPN for Android

✅ Access banned and geo-blocked sites (Free VPN for porn, free browsing of exclusive scholarly articles, download media like musics, TV shows, and movies)

✅ No VPN free trial as GoingVPN is a totally free VPN already

Download GoingVPN:

Google Play Store

GoingVPN Free VPN APK (APKPure)

GoingVPN Free VPN APK (APKPlz)

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GoingVPN As The Best Free VPN Service
Free VPN: GoingVPN – FAQs

You don’t need to be a technical expert for you to enjoy the best VPN service. With GoingVPN, you are sure that you are in the right hands.

With GoingVPN, you can get access to a FAST, RELIABLE, HIGH-SPEED, SAFE, SECURE, and FREE UNLIMITED VPN. Have the power streaming with no limits and protect your data as you work your way with the best VPN in town.

Enjoy lightning-fast connection for streaming and downloading and have the power accessing all applications, services, and websites with global server locations masking your IP addresses.

Shifting from one VPN to another will never be a problem anymore. Enjoy access to various geo-blocked content and websites from all over the world including your favorite streaming services, porn sites, and many more.

Simply download it on your Android devices, free for life, with no credit card requirement. Surfing the web will never be the same. Remain private and anonymous with a VPN service that is reliable and secure. Be 100% sure that all your data and information is safe and will not be sold to third parties. Break the stereotype and go for the gold with GoingVPN.

Getting a decent VPN service doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag anymore. Have the world at your fingertips. Download GoingVPN and experience true internet freedom like no other.

New to VPN? Curious as to how you can maximize the use of your VPN? Need help troubleshooting your subscription? Say no more! Here in this article, we will be providing you with some FAQs to assure that you will have a smooth VPN experience with GoingVPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Unlimited VPN

How much does GoingVPN cost?

GoingVPN is offering its services at no cost. You can enjoy our service free for life with no limits.

What do I get with my subscription?

You can enjoy HIGH-SPEED internet connection for streaming and downloading, ENCRYPTED connection with total privacy and security, UNLIMITED and non-expiring data for surfing, and a free VPN service for life.

Can I download this on my Android device?

YES. GoingVPN is available and can be downloaded on Android phones and tablets.

Can I download this on my Apple device?

Unfortunately, NO. We don’t offer our VPN service to Apple devices just yet, But we are working our best to share our service with Apple users soon.

Is GoingVPN safe to use?

Yes, definitely. As we assure to provide the best quality privacy and security to our users.

Do you log my data?

We NEVER keep online activity logs or store private information about individual user activities on our network. Information regarding payments may be logged, as per payment processor regulations.

*This is a developing article. More FAQs will be added based on other user’s questions.

Free VPN: GoingVPN – FAQs
Top 5 Free VPNs for 2021

Though cautious internet browsing is a good idea, it’s not always enough to make sure you know what is going on online. Popular websites are always working on some new ways to track and watch you – Facebook is just one of the many predators out there that like to grab your data, watch what you like, and then target ads or try to push content on you. By encrypting your data the moment you connect to the internet, a VPN secures data from unwanted eyes.

As we continue to push deeper into the digital age, the internet is becoming an essential part of life. If you’re a VPN noob, or if you know a friend who needs the protection, this top five list is the perfect place to start your search. Keep reading for our in-depth look into each one.

Why Use a VPN?

When you use a virtual private network or VPN, you’re committing to secure internet usage. To get the most out of your VPN, it’s important to understand why it’s even necessary. Modern networking is complicated – there are several parties involved with almost every internet connection you make, and some of them might not have your best interests in mind.

It’s not a new idea, but simply using the internet without a VPN exposes you to a variety of vulnerabilities. When you use a VPN, you’re choosing to encrypt your data and add an extra layer of security whenever you connect.

The government can’t inspect your communications without a warrant. Your internet service provider, and anyone else interested in your data, won’t have insight into your actions. Finally, scammers will have a harder time finding you to try to trick you out of your money, identity, or files.

5 Best Free VPNs for 2021:

1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN:

This is our very first pick for the best free VPN for any user. Hotspot Shield Free VPN has been a reliable and popular choice since the company was founded. With over 500 million downloads, it’s safe to say people see the value it provides.

One of the simplest choices to use on the market, Hotspot Shield also comes with a 500MB daily limit, which equates to ~15GB of bandwidth per month, making it a safer, lighter VPN to use. And though this limit is low, it doesn’t cripple performance like some of the other, lesser limits on the market.

And if your desired attribute of using any VPN service is data encryption, then this product meets up to expectations, claiming to offer military-level encryption. This means that all of your personal information is well hidden from anyone bent on seeing it, so not only could you do a couple of things that are otherwise frowned upon (think online shopping and online banking), but you would also have great peace of mind when doing them. In addition to the safety and privacy that this service affords you, Hotspot Shield Free also supports P2P and Bit Torrent, ensuring that you get the maximum speed possible.

2. GoingVPN – Free & Unlimited VPN Proxy:

In a world of VPNs and proxy services, most promise great things, but many don’t deliver. GoingVPN prides itself on traditional values: they don’t make false claims and don’t impose any bandwidth caps. This is great news for those of us that just want a secure, easy-to-use VPN service. Featuring 8+ servers for free users and hundreds for plus users, there are enough server locations and bandwidth for almost anyone’s needs.

The most interesting thing about Going VPN is its extra layer of security. In addition to encrypting data, it also encrypts your IP address, essentially covering all your tracks online. GoingVPN’s “Military Grade Encryption” and “VPN Over SSL” means you never have to worry about your private information being stolen by hackers or other online criminals.

3. ProtonVPN Free:

Most of the best free VPNs have been struggling to provide customers with unlimited data. They restrict usage if you have exceeded the limit or give you poor quality of service in that scenario. This holds true even if you pay for the service; some providers impose data restrictions or caps or charge you for exceeding a limit. ProtonVPN doesn’t do either of those things. Boasting unlimited usages with the only limitation being the server location, this solution is great for customers who need to use a VPN on a number of devices regularly.

ProtonVPN can be used freely without having to pay. The free version allows access to limited servers in a handful of countries. Users have the option to upgrade to the paid version in order to access other servers. The free version has its own set of pros and cons, just like any other service. The good thing about this service is its “no log” policy, which ensures the service will not keep any user activities or activity logs. ProtonVPN also eliminates typical connection logs that its competitors might use to check if a user is abusing the service.

4. Windscribe:

When it comes to making up your mind about purchasing a VPN service, there are numerous options available on the market. But some companies just stand out thanks to their features, great reputation, and advanced technology. One such secure and the highly customizable option is Windscribe, a Canada-based VPN provider with servers in several locations around the world.

It boasts strong security and privacy, does not keep any activity logs, and is very easy to use. This means that you can set it up in no time and enjoy fast and secure browsing.

5. TunnelBear:

A simple, high-level privacy solution to browse the internet anonymously, TunnelBear retains its unrivaled position. There are free and paid-for subscriptions to choose from. The major usage restriction to watch out for is that the free package limits you to 500MB per month (yes, it’s per month and not a day like Hotspot Shield).

Unlike the other choices, TunnelBear allows you to use more than just Windows and macOS. It makes a list with the ease of use that it provides, even on mobile devices. It also has an extremely quick connection time, only requiring a small amount of time to connect. This is a great choice for those who want to make sure they have the highest amount of data encryption without interrupting their internet usage enough to be annoying. And though TunnelBear might have a somewhat off-putting cutesy design, it definitely delivers honestly when it comes to anonymity online and protection, not to mention it’s quick!


Using a VPN service when surfing the web allows you to hide your IP address so you can browse as you please. Find a VPN you like, connect, and enjoy!

If you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use free VPN with no limitations, consider GoingVPN for it will offer you the best quality you would expect from VPN service. It features anonymous IP address protection and will boost your security when using public wifi and hotspots.

Top 5 Free VPNs for 2021
These Free VPNs for Netflix Will Help You Watch Your Favorite Shows Wherever You Are

We have all been there. The agony of not being able to watch our favorite Netflix series and movies just because it isn’t available in our home country. It sucks, I know. It’s not that we can just leave everything here and move halfway across the world just so we don’t miss the whole Criminal Minds series. So, what do we do? We unpack our baggage and continue to live without it. Unless there’s a way to change things up.

This is where Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes in. Imagine, with one click of a button, we can have access to thousands of TV shows that are once limited to the US subscribers only, and other neighboring countries. Now, there’s no moving and illegal downloading, we can just turn our laptop on and choose a good and free VPN for Netflix. Select the suitable server, and voila! There go hours of Netflix and chilling.

Here’s a list of FREE Netflix VPN for your next series binge

Check out these free VPNs for Netflix, and choose whichever suits your need.


Although fairly new to the game, GoingVPN is already going places. With its 100% FREE subscription and UNLIMITED surfing data, you can go on with your day without worrying about a single cent. Plus, you can rest assured that you are protected with its top-notch security features that encrypts your connection and safeguards your privacy. To top it all off, your watching experience will be hassle-free as it ensures lightning-fast streaming and downloading whenever and wherever you are.

Get the GoingVPN app here.


A crowd favorite, ExpressVPN offers super fast and reliable streaming. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it, its instant setup makes it easy for everyone to use on all devices. Additionally, you can swear by its security features as it doesn’t require user logs and especially no IP address leaks.

Try it for FREE for 30 days on your first trial. Get it here.


CyberGhost stays true to its name. With its excellent speed and high-level privacy features, you can unlock several Netflix libraries and stream nonstop as a ghost, a cyber ghost to be exact. No one will even notice you were there as it also requires no user logs and your real IP address stays hidden. Use it on your phone, tablets, laptops, and even on your PC. Now, this is the ghost we all want to see and experience.

If it’s your first time using CyberGhost as your VPN, you can get it free for 45 days. Click on the link to know more.

HotSpot Shield

Talking about what’s hot these days, HotSpot Shield is definitely on top of the list. Although it offers both a free and paid version, it does not fall short of superb features for both versions. With the free one, you can enjoy up to 500 MB of data usage per day and especially a good level of privacy. You can unlock at least 8 Netflix libraries and you don’t have to worry about leaking your information.

To start off your HotSpot Shield journey, you can enjoy the premium perks for the first 45 days. Follow this link to get the app.


Enjoy the freedom to watch your favorite shows risk and censorship-free with DotVPN. It does not take a village to run this as it has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate even for the grannies. Have the benefit of unlimited data usage for free and more. Follow this link to download the app.

Never worry about missing out on good shows ever again. Try these free VPNs for Netflix and see for yourself. As we always say with life (and our Netflix marathons), the show must definitely go on.

These Free VPNs for Netflix Will Help You Watch Your Favorite Shows Wherever You Are