connect to a VPN this holiday season

‘Tis the season where many are busy creating lists of what they have to do on Christmas up until the New Year’s. This holiday season is valuable for everyone as some things are slightly going back to normal. Whatever it is that you’re planning, one thing’s inevitable: you’ll somehow let your guard down this holiday. But too much leniency won’t do you good, especially in this technology-dependent era. In this article, you’ll know why you need to connect to a VPN this holiday season.

Almost everyone has already created their to-do lists for the upcoming holiday season. And why not? This year’s longest holiday break is special for most of us, as some things are slightly going back to normal after the devastating fuss that the COVID-19 pandemic brought last year.

Whether you’re traveling to spend your holidays with your loved ones or catching up with them via online, you’ll inescapably include your device and the technology to your plans. Even when purchasing Christmas presents, these two are now part of your daily schemes. 

Since the spirit of this biggest holiday season puts us in high spirits, we tend to forget that there are groups of people who may want to take advantage of our forbearingness, causing us harm. Several people have become gambits of these online threats over the course of years— hacked social media accounts, breached banking information, and stolen credit card details.

So, as the holidays are fast approaching, we must be more cautious and vigilant in whatever we do online.

Fortunately, there’s a tool that could help us with that.

Protect yourself from cyberhackers, connect to a VPN this holiday season

A Virtual Private Network, or most commonly known as VPN, is a software tool that helps online users be safe online. What the VPN does is organize a secure connection between your device and the internet. This way, all of the user’s data will be routed through the VPN’s encrypted virtual tunnel which results in total anonymity.

By being connected to a VPN, your IP address will be concealed, which means, your online information and activities won’t be seen by anyone on the web, not even by the third parties roaming around the cyberspace.

Also, when you connect to a VPN, it’s impossible for these third parties to keep track or steal your important online data like your passwords, contact details, and banking information.

In these busy times where everyone won’t be paying too much attention to their devices, it’s beneficial for you to have an added layer of protection that only a VPN can provide.

Although, you must still be wary on what VPN to download and connect to as these tools aren’t created equally. 

Luckily, there’s a trusted and reliable free VPN app.

GoingVPN: the best free VPN

Now you know the main reason why you need to connect to a VPN this holiday season, we’ll tell you what free VPN app suits you best.

GoingVPN is a free VPN app that has a tight encryption process to guarantee your cybersecurity from all kinds of threats on the web. With GoingVPN, whatever you do online won’t be seen by anyone. Also, this free VPN app provides you total data privacy as it doesn’t sell your online information to any bidders.

Can’t keep track of what you do online due to holiday stress? Worry not! GoingVPN gives out unlimited data bandwidth so that you can stay protected on the web anytime. So, even if you’re not using your device or you’re in idle mode, you’re still safeguarded from cyberhackers.

GoingVPN also boasts its max-speed technology to its users. This feature counters the negative effects of data encryption to your device. With this, you won’t experience any lags and buffers while surfing the web.

Truly, with GoingVPN, you’ll experience premium and high-quality service without breaking the bank.

So, what are you waiting for? Download GoingVPN now.

GoingVPN is available on Android and Apple devices.

For more information, you may visit GoingVPN’s website.