Ever played Mobile Legends while being connected to a VPN then suddenly it lags? Your team is on a winning streak then everything just stood still. This situation usually happens when you connect your device to a VPN.

Actually, it’s quite inevitable that your device will slow down when you use a VPN because the encryption process that the VPN is doing is complicated and it affects your device’s performance and also the internet speed.

What if we tell you that there is a suitable tool for your online gaming needs? This is the perfect, fast VPN app for Mobile Legends, online gamers and streamers that will not let you worry about the buffers and lags…

GoingVPN is the Answer

For people in Myanmar, we know that the situation in your country is very excruciating and nobody deserves to go through the abuse of the military government.

That’s why it is a breath of fresh air to see people there that find ways to keep themselves sane, and one way for that is through playing Mobile Legends.

GoingVPN is one of the few trusted free VPNs out there. Offering a completely free VPN service and unlimited data bandwidth, GoingVPN is really out here bringing the best quality service that every internet user deserves.

GoingVPN also has a built-in lightning speed technology which helps online gamers play Mobile Legends and other virtual games with so much ease.

Imagine, with a fast VPN app for Mobile Legends, you can now experience high-quality gaming at the comfort of your home and just by holding your mobile or tablet. 

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