Common con of VPN tools is that they make your internet go slower than usual. Well, the encryption process of the VPN tool routing to your device is complicated and hectic to begin with so it’s possible that it’ll affect your device’s performance.

If you’re an online game streamer or streaming service enthusiast, you’ll most likely growl with frustration whenever your internet speed decreases and lags the entire game or program stream.

The effect: you’ll disconnect the VPN connection on your device because you can’t risk losing to *another* game of Mobile Legends… or even suffer from an anticlimactic reaction caused by the buffering of a suspenseful episode of Breaking Bad for the nth time.

At what cost? Your cybersecurity. Well, I’m not here to make you feel guilty as I’ve experienced that too. But not anymore. I’ve found the solution to get the best of both worlds.

The Solution is Right in front of You

GoingVPN is the perfect VPN to all those who don’t want to compromise. This VPN tool has everything that an internet user needs. GoingVPN is a free VPN that offers unlimited data, tight encryption, and faster internet speed for your daily cyberspace activities.

You may now enjoy playing any online games or stream your favorite shows and music without all those annoying buffers and lags.

faster internet speed

No need to shell out cash to connect to a high quality VPN service. With a free VPN connection of GoingVPN, your internet needs are not out of reach anymore.

Also, to cater every internet user’s online needs, GoingVPN offers quite a library of server locations such as: Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, USA, UK, China, Canada, India, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, and Netherlands.

So, what are you waiting for? Download GoingVPN now.

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