Living in the digital era has its fair share of pros and cons. One advantage is accessibility and convenience. We no longer have to go outside to buy groceries or pay bills. Watching movies and obtaining reading materials are also easier than ever. With just a click of a button, everything can be settled. However, our dependency on technology can impose a grave threat to our online privacy.

Since we are giving away our personal information to faceless robots to make our lives easier; we are indirectly giving them the permission to do with it whatever serves them best. And sometimes that includes selling off our data to third-party advertisers.

That is just of the many risks of too much reliance on technology. Up to this day, countless attacks on our online privacy still befall, and that forced some people to just opt out of digital life. But, with the current events, especially with the rising need for online services brought about by the new normal protocols, we simply can’t live without the internet. So, we must do something about it.

Start minding your online privacy

If you’re learning about all these things just now, then you better speed it up. Just in case you’re not aware, Internet Service Providers (ISP) have access to your everyday browsing information, which means that they can monitor your behavior and current state based on which sites you visit. While this does not impose much danger when you look at it on the surface, the real threat lies behind it.

Monitoring your online activities means they have complete access to your connections, personal or business, to your health concerns, and even to your banking history. And when this information is handed over to the wrong hands, it can cause you more than those annoying banner ads.

IT professionals are now pushing everyone to be more proactive when it comes to protecting our online privacy. One way they suggest is by using a Virtual Private Network service or a VPN.

Free VPN: Your best solution to online security

VPNs are just one of the many tools that can help with internet troubles but it’s probably the easiest one to use. By installing and activating a VPN service on your mobile devices, it can help you stay anonymous while browsing the internet. It acts as an invisibility cloak that hides your online tracks from someone else, even from your own ISP, by masking your real IP address so you’ll leave no trace behind.

A VPN also encrypts everything you send over the internet before it reaches its original destination, keeping your browsing information safe from third-party agents.

To simplify the process, a VPN creates a tunnel between you and the internet, where hackers and other cybercriminals stand by to steal your information, to help guard your entire journey until you reach the other side. It does the same thing going back. This way, even though you’re technically connected to your internet service provider, they will have no access to anything you do online and will have no data to sell for their own gain.

Choosing the right VPN

The industry is now saturated with zillions of Virtual Private Networks promising to offer quality services to all its users. For you to decide which is the right one for you, you should know exactly what you’re looking for in a VPN. Since most VPNs prioritize one feature over the other, it’ll be easier for you to eliminate the ones that do not fit the standard. Here are a few tips that can help you decide:

Been wanting to binge-watch a show without lags? Choose one with lightning-fast internet speed.

A frequent traveler who needs to check up on a lot of stuff back home? Choose one that has several server locations strategically distributed around the globe.

Looking to protect your personal information from getting stolen, manipulated, or sold off? Choose a VPN that has a military-grade security feature.

But while you’re still deciding, you can try and download a free VPN like GoingVPN. It offers its users all of these features with no worries about monthly subscriptions. To know more, check out their website here:

The internet isn’t a safe place, now more than ever, it’s important to be aware of these threats and do something to protect our own privacy. Stay physically and virtually safe, everyone!