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Are hotel wi-fi connections safe or not safe? Let me tell you frankly, it can be considered as a threat to online users’ privacy.

Travellers still opt to stay in a hotel whether for leisure or work purposes. This is because of the amenities and services that no one could find in transient houses. There’s free breakfast, public pool, gym, not to mention a fast and dependable wi-fi connection.

For someone who is travelling for work, a reliable internet connection helps them get the job done easily. For tourists, a speedy wi-fi is helpful when posting a number of Instagram posts for the followers to admire.

Internet users must be aware that there’s a more pressing issue than choosing a place where there is a stable connection. A lot of threats are also present in cyberspace. All of us is one step closer to being the next gambit if we won’t be extra cautious.

Since hotel wi-fi connections are considered as public hotspots, your online data is unsecured and more vulnerable to cyberthieves. When the time comes that an online hacker spots your cyber information, every valuable data that you have could be compromised. These include your passwords, mobile banking data, and credit card information.

Also, it will easier for hotel administrators and internet service providers to keep track of your browsing history when you’re connected to these kinds of hotspots, talk about snooping, right?

But of course, don’t let this situation stop you from enjoying what hotels can offer. Here is a simple way to get rid of the perils of these wi-fi connections.

Get a VPN and keep your hotel wi-fi connection safe

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help internet users circumvent online threats that are roaming around the web. With a VPN, users are assured of their online security as the VPN hides one’s IP address.

This is possible as the VPN passes the user’s online data through an encrypted virtual tunnel. As a result, users information will be invisible to everyone.

There are several VPN apps to choose from, and it could get quite staggering, especially for a newbie, to pick one. One may choose from an assortment of paid VPNs. This type of VPN is trusted by many as it gives out premium VPN services. The only issue is, it could get quite expensive.

But, if you’re tight on the budget, you may download and connect to a free VPN. Just know that there are several free VPN apps out there that are sketchy and turn out to be ineffective.

Fortunately, there is a reliable and trusted free VPN app that also offers premium VPN services.

Choose GoingVPN

GoingVPN is a free VPN app that ensures every users’ cybersecurity to keep them safe from online threats. By being connected to GoingVPN, users will get ahold of these features:

First off, GoingVPN has a tight encryption process that helps in locking in the online data of users. Third parties would not be able to record and trace anyone’s information, especially the most significant ones.

Also, this free VPN app provides max performance speed so that the users won’t experience any lags and buffers, as commonly, the encryption process of any VPN services makes the device go slower.

Along with these features, GoingVPN offers unlimited data bandwidth so that users will get the cybersecurity they deserve at any given time, even 24/7. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download the GoingVPN app on your device and stay safe while being connected to a hotel wi-fi.

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