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It may be one of the world’s most popular games but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or most commonly known as PUBG hasn’t been without controversy. Most often called ‘addictive’ and ‘dangerous’, PUBG has at times been banned in some parts of the world including Nepal, parts of India, Iraq, and China.

If you live in or are traveling to one of these countries, you don’t need to worry. You can still play PUBG with help from a VPN.

The best VPNs are capable of bypassing even the strictest geo-restrictions, meaning you can play PUBG in countries where it’s been blocked.

Even if you don’t live in a country where PUBG has been banned, VPNs can also have lots of other benefits when it comes to gaming. Using a VPN server can reduce latency and lag, as well as protecting you from hackers.

Here in this article, we will be discussing how you can choose the best VPN for PUBG mobile gaming and some tips to keep in mind to enjoy a more seamless gaming experience.

What to look for in the best VPN for PUBG?

1. DDos Protection

A handy feature for streamers and competitive players. It can protect your IP and gameplay from swarming attacks.

2. Large Server Network

More servers means there are more options for you to unblock PUBG. It also allows us to find the best server for lag-free gaming and optimal performance.

3. Privacy –

Find one with no-logs policy hiding your online activities from the government and ISP providers.

4. Security –

A strong encryption and most secure VPN protocols for ultimate online protection.

5. Speed

The most critical aspect when playing PUBG with VPN. Fast speeds with VPN will make sure you have good quality and low ping on the battleground.

6. Works On Many Devices –

A great VPN supports many simultaneous connections. You can use it to connect many devices with the same account at the same time.

7. Works with PUBG Mobile –

Many players reported having trouble playing the mobile version. A good VPN must support it and have an app for mobile devices.

How to choose the best VPN for PUBG Mobile

There are a lot of free VPNs out there but are they reliable and can you use them to play your favorite game like PUBG online without any lag?

Using a VPN for gaming may not be the most popular use of the service since VPNs usually take a toll on network speeds, which isn’t ideal for gaming. However, VPNs can offer lots of benefits, and if you choose yours carefully, you won’t have to worry about lags or speed.

You need to choose a VPN that allows great gaming experience and lag-free performance. At the same time, it must support PUBG Mobile and Lite versions. It must also be capable of bypassing geo-restrictions to access PUBG from anywhere.

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