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Afraid to store files on iCloud as it might get hacked? Worry no more. A top free VPN is all you need to keep your iCloud account secure and private.

iCloud is a cloud storage mechanized by Apple Inc. It is one of the most used storage nowadays and it is commonly used by university students and working professionals. This is more helpful now that these groups are either homeschooled or working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of testimonials from people who use iCloud described the cloud storage as handy, convenient, and even safe for file storing purposes.

However, there have been several claims from Apple users that their iCloud accounts got hacked. Some of these are from huge public figures. Most of the hacked files were private photos and videos, not to mention, valuable documents for projects and businesses.

Avoid being the next gambit of online threats whose targets are vulnerable iCloud accounts. Have an extra layer of cybersecurity, download a VPN.

Download a VPN to keep your iCloud account secure

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software tool that transfers one’s data to an encrypted virtual tunnel so that the user’s IP address would be invisible to everyone on the web. This include even the third parties roaming around cyberspace. 

With a VPN, nobody can track your online data and activities while you’re surfing the web whenever, wherever.

This is very helpful for those who use iCloud as their storage. A high-quality VPN would keep them away from those who try to breach or hack something on their accounts.

However, users must also be cautious on what VPN app to download and connect to as not all VPNs are the same.

If you want a safe bet and have some cash to spare, you may opt for a paid VPN. VPN apps in this category offer premium VPN services and added features that you can enjoy.

On the other hand, for users who do not want to spend a dime on a VPN app, they may download and connect to a free VPN. Just a reminder, though, few VPNs under this type are sketchy and ineffective.

Good thing, there is a trusted and reliable free VPN available for you.

Introducing: GoingVPN, a top free VPN app

By downloading and connecting to GoingVPN, you can also receive high-quality and premium VPN services and features. 

This top free VPN has a tight encryption process that ensures an untraceable and unrecordable online data and activities. Also, GoingVPN does not, in any way, sell its users’ data.

GoingVPN also has a built-in lightning-speed technology to counter the negative effects of encryption like poor device performance. Because of this feature, users won’t have to worry about lags and buffers.

In addition, GoingVPN provides unlimited data bandwidth. So, even though users leave the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ for a couple of days, its data won’t lose and expire in any way. Online users can guarantee their online safety and privacy at any given time.

With these services and features, Apple users can assure their iCloud accounts’ total privacy.

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