Myanmar’s situation is much harder than everyone thought. Aside from dealing with the disaster that is the COVID-19 pandemic, Myanmar citizens also have to cope with the destruction caused by the coup that the military government has organized.

It’s hard, I know. It’s the combined fear, distress, and anger that could take a toll on the citizens. For sure, the people there are always finding ways to manage these negative emotions. And what better way to distract themselves from all of these than to rely on their favorite tv shows and movies.

But in a country where there’s a limited internet connection, strict censorship, and questionable cyber rules, even the ‘comfort things’ seem unattainable.

The Blocking of Online Contents and Limited Internet

The news that the military government decided to block popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp dismayed the general public of Myanmar. These sites are heavily used by the Myanmar citizens to entertain, inform, and get updates from news sites and their loved ones.

Months after, it was announced that mobile internet services aren’t allowed to access cyberspace. Meaning, only those who are connected to broadband and wi-fi can connect to the internet. 

Torrenting, which is one of the most famous cyber activities, is now becoming too risky because of the strict censorship, plus, third parties are more eager to catch these types of activities more than ever.

With this happening, it seems that people are being limited to what they can route online. Well, technically, yes. But did you know that there is something that can help every internet user to torrent the shows and movies that they like to watch in a safe way?

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The Powerful Innovation that is GoingVPN

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