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Into online banking but afraid of your safety? Say no more! You can now pay your bills and transfer money safely. Read on to find out how!

One thing that has made my life a lot easier as an adult with a lot of bills to pay is that I can settle it at once through online banking. Unlike in the old days where I had to go outside and pay over the counter, now I can just log in to my accounts and pay conveniently; and, with the pandemic at hand, online banking transactions have become even more helpful for everyone.

But convenience always comes with a price. In exchange for ease and comfort, threats to online privacy have surfaced. News of hacking incidents connected with online banking was all over the internet, and mobile banking applications’ vulnerability is just one of the many reasons for this occurrence. However, since we can’t abandon this convenience, the only thing we could do is counterattack.

That is possible with the help of a good Virtual Private Network app or a VPN.

Ensure online safety when you pay your bills and transfer money via free VPN

Whether you are using your home internet or a public network, you will be safe to do online bank transactions simply by connecting to a free VPN.

To further explain, here is a simple diagram:

When connected to a VPN, every data that comes from your end will undergo strict encryption through a ‘secret tunnel’ before it reaches its original destination. Therefore, once the data depart from the tunnel, no one, not even the service providers, will be able to understand a single word. This means that your password and other important banking details will remain private from everyone other than you. Hence, providing a safe online banking experience whenever and wherever.

In remote areas wherein mobile banking apps are banned, a VPN can also help troubleshoot. By connecting to a foreign server, you can bypass geographical restrictions in no time.

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