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 Curious how you can safely share your experiences in Yelp? Here’s a penny for your constructive criticism.

Most of us have something negative to say about a business. Whether it may be because of their customer service or even just the ambiance. It is natural for us to have this urge to share these experiences so that others will also be aware.

Yelp is a mobile app that allows users to give out their reviews on different establishments and businesses. Because of Yelp, several social communities have been formed. Also, business owners are always trying to put their best foot forward as they know that Yelp reviews can make or break their businesses.

But of course, negative experiences from consumers are inevitable, even for the top-rated enterprises. Others take it lightly and even reply to the reviewers in a nice way. Sadly, for some, they go the other way.

Plenty of negative reviews posted on Yelp have been deleted by entrepreneurs. What’s even worse is, these businesses are willing to do everything to trace the negative reviewers and have them sued.

Because of these scenarios, consumers have been reluctant to post a review because even though they create an anonymous account, they know that plenty of businesses have their own ways to track down negative reviewers.

And if you’re one of them, don’t be; as there is an easy way to combat these third parties.

Safely share your experiences in Yelp, download a VPN app

By connecting to a Virtual Private Network or a VPN, you are ensuring your online data privacy. What the VPN does is create an encrypted virtual tunnel between your device and the internet. This will make your online data pass through the virtual tunnel. As a result, your IP address will be hidden and nobody can track your online activities.

A VPN is attainable to anyone who has internet access. There are paid VPN apps that are considered as the safest VPN type because these VPNs offer premium services, especially a trusted security feature. However, paid VPNs are quite pricey.

On the other hand, there are also free VPN apps available in the virtual market. These VPNs are suitable for those who are not willing to shell out some cash over a VPN. Although, some of the free VPN apps can come off as sketchy, and there have been claims that a number of free VPNs sell user information to third parties that bid for online data.

Fortunately, a top free VPN app is here to help everyone voice out their experiences and opinions on Yelp without the fear of getting tracked.

GoingVPN: the top free VPN that everyone needs

GoingVPN is a free VPN app that guarantees users’ cybersecurity because of its tight encryption process. Now, Yelp users can post a constructive review about a business anonymously.

Also, with this top free VPN’s built-in lightning speed technology, online users would not experience lags and buffers while visiting Yelp and posting reviews. With this feature, GoingVPN’s encryption process won’t affect the performance of the user’s device.

Want your online information to be protected anytime? GoingVPN got you. This free VPN app has unlimited data bandwidth. Even if you let the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ for several hours, the VPN data won’t expire.

Now that you already know how this top free VPN can help you, why not try it now? Get your own GoingVPN app and enjoy its benefits.

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