The past year has proven once again that digitalization is both the present and the future of our society. Given the number of transactions we do online from banking to socializing—plus the rise of remote jobs, and now with the pandemic forcing us to stay at home and just order our daily essentials thru online markets—we’re practically living in the digital era where accessibility and convenience is the topmost priority for everyone.

Digital life definitely makes our life easier but there will always be the downside. With our personal information all over the internet, it also makes it easier for cyber thieves to monitor and manipulate our data against us. No, it’s not just the rich and the famous’ issue, it’s your problem and mine too. Once they get a hold of our personal information, they can use it to steal money from us or from anyone by taking out loans, or worse make us the fall guy for more serious crimes.

Protect your online privacy this 2021 with a free VPN

This 2021, make it a priority to protect your online privacy. By installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service on your mobile device or computer, you can secure your personal data and information from the prying eyes of somebody else, making it hard for hackers to use your identity for their cybercrimes. If you’re not yet familiar with a VPN, here’s a simple illustration of how it works:

Online Security this 2021
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In a nutshell, a VPN creates a tunnel right between you and the world wide web so the information you provide online is encrypted before it reaches its destination. It kind of acts as a virtual security guard that filters anything that comes in and out of your device. Using a VPN also masks your real IP address so you can stay anonymous as you surf the internet and you’ll leave no trace behind. In this way, no one can snoop in on your personal activities, not even the government.

But, with all the VPNs offering quality services online, how do you choose the one for you?

To achieve this level of online security this 2021, you can try and download the GoingVPN app. Built with a top-notch military-grade security system, you’ll have no problem logging in on your personal accounts and sharing private information online. You can also rest assured that your connection is risk-free wherever you are with its nearly twenty server locations around the globe. What’s more is that it offers high-speed internet and unlimited data usage for streaming and downloading, all for free with absolutely no subscription fee. To learn more about this free VPN, check out their website by clicking the picture below.

Online Security this 2021
Download the GoingVPN app from the Google Play Store.

For your new year’s resolution, vow to take better care of your physical and virtual self, and make sure to keep it up all throughout the year. You got this, bud!