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Have been using discord? Keep yourself free from hackers and safely access Discord from anywhere in the world with the help of this free VPN service.

I can still remember late last year when everyone desperately wanted the pandemic to end, after almost 365 days of isolation, to finally go out with friends like we all used to. Fast forward to today, vaccines are rolling out fast and restrictions are getting lifted one by one. Now, we can slowly let our inhibitions go and make our getaway plans realized—but not without safety precautions. Still, to prevent the sudden surge of cases, the authorities are not fully encouraging people to head out if not necessary. In this case, we may have to put a hold on our plans and find things to do at home.

Thankfully, we live in an era where technology is thriving. The year 2020 was a testament to this. In answer to the lack of physical contact brought about by the pandemic strictures, digital distribution platforms such as Discord became everyone’s go-to app.

Originally built for gamers in 2015, Discord has transformed into a group chat community where friends and family can communicate. Through private servers, users were able to connect with each other through chats and calls. However, although seemingly secure, there were still potential risks when using the app. In this post, we’re going to talk about how a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) app allows you to safely access Discord wherever you are.

Best free VPN to safely access Discord

To fully enjoy streaming and gaming nights with friends, you must ensure the safety of the information you share over the Discord server. You can easily do this by downloading a free VPN for Discord.

A VPN protects the user’s online privacy and security by data encryption. The process includes rerouting of a user’s internet traffic through a secret pathway where the encryption or mixing up of data symbols occurs; this makes it impossible for hackers and other cybercriminals to decipher. Simply put, when connected, all the personal information including chats, voice calls, and other shared files sent through the Discord app will remain private and secured.

Likewise, a free VPN app also allows users to bypass geographical restrictions. This means that those living in heavily restricted countries can still access Discord sans geo-blocks. For instance, say that you have a friend from a country where Discord is banned; through a VPN, you can communicate and have fun without having to worry about location bars.

GoingVPN at your service

Needless to say, digital protection is essential. But since not everyone can afford a VPN subscription, a free VPN such as GoingVPN is going to be helpful. The GoingVPN app offers a fast and safe VPN service that caters to both Android and iOS users. It provides an unlimited bandwidth that allows a lag-free Discord night and a military-grade security system that ensures privacy among users.

It also has over thirty server locations that guarantee a stable connection for users around the globe. Check out the list of available servers and more by clicking the link.

There’s no need to Panic! At the Discord. (See what I did there?) Spend time with friends and family remotely and safely by installing the best free VPN for Discord. Go to the Google Play Store and download the GoingVPN app now.

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