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Looking to pay your latest purchases through Google Pay? Take no chances! Make sure everything’ safe and secure by using a VPN to secure Google Pay accounts. Read here to know more.

Digital wallets have become an essential tool for people to be able to make online purchases on mobile phones. Through these platforms, it is easier for everyone to push through payments, contactless and safe. I, myself, can vouch for these apps. Google Pay and other online payment systems have helped me in more ways than one; especially in the present circumstances we live in where we’d rather do transactions from home than go out banking.

The bad news is, using Google Pay unprotected could impose threats to one’s privacy. And when privacy is compromised, it becomes an opportunity for cyberhackers to steal and manipulate not just personal information but more importantly, one’s hard-earned money. In such events, the need for a reliable VPN is greatest.

Use a free VPN to secure Google Pay accounts

A VPN is a simple software tool that helps you achieve true digital freedom simply by encrypting everything you send over the internet. Through its secret server, every information that will pass through it remains concealed, even from your own Internet Service Provider (ISP). Without access to your identity and location, no one can put your online privacy in jeopardy, no matter the network you’re currently connected to. This allows you to continue with your online transactions safely and anonymously.

In addition to that, in remote areas where Google Pay is inaccessible, a VPN can help change your virtual location to help bypass these geographical restrictions.

GoingVPN: the best free VPN for Google Pay

A good VPN is all it takes to secure your Google Pay Account. But which one should you install?

There are many quality VPN services around but only a few keep your money in the pocket. If you’re looking for one that helps you stay safe online without having to worry about monthly fees, then a free VPN such as GoingVPN is the right one for you.

Although free, GoingVPN offers a fast and safe service that guarantees smooth and riskless Google Pay transactions. It provides unlimited data bandwidth for seamless purchases and runs a military-grade security system to keep your data safe. Moreover, it has over a hundred location servers to help you unlock worldwide content, whenever and wherever. Simply install the app and connect to a virtual server to activate.

GoingVPN is available for both Android and iOS devices. Go to the Google Play Store and the App Store to download the app now.

For more information, visit www.goingvpn.com.