To those living outside the United States of America, it has been a daily struggle to access and watch US-only content—myself included. I still remember when my friends struggled with finding ways to watch Game of Thrones. They have tried (and failed) all the legal ways to stream HBO; so much that in the end, they have resorted to illegal ones. That was way back in college, I’m pretty sure they have moved past that. Hopefully.

Kidding aside, up to this day, most streaming services still cater to the US only. Shows such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, and True Blood are only available on HBO channels. Sigh, I know. This makes it kind of unfair for international fans who love the series just as much.

The reason behind geo-restrictions

As we have explained in our previous post, these geographical restrictions are put up to make sure that only the target market can avail a certain service. This is due to broadcasting rights and licensing policies. So, even though you have a paid subscription and you try to access the HBO website from India or the Philippines, only an error message will appear:

To learn more about geo-blocks, read this post.

Access geo-blocked HBO content by connecting to a free VPN service

What if I tell you that there’s a way to access these geo-blocked shows through a simple tool? Hear, hear. Introducing the power of Virtual Private Networks or VPNs.

You can watch your favorite HBO original series simply by connecting to a free VPN service such as GoingVPN. This trick works by masking your real IP address. With your online identity hidden, authorities will not be able to monitor your activities. This means that you can pass through websites and watch without restrictions. To enjoy, you only need to follow these three easy steps:

First, download any VPN of your choice, we’re suggesting GoingVPN.

Next up, activate the GoingVPN app by connecting to any available server location. For this, choose one of the US servers.

Lastly, log in to your HBO account and enjoy streaming.

Just keep in mind that this trick will only work for paid subscribers. Connecting to a free VPN will not allow you to watch these HBO exclusive shows for free.

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