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Fandoms are a huge aspect of a musician’s success. These fans go to the singer’s tours, buy studio albums and merchandise, even stream their songs religiously on different platforms. As a result of these fan activities, musicians tend to get more popular. That popularity will be reflected on the support your favorite musicians on Billboard charts will be getting.

Billboard charts are the standard of the music industry. These charts contain the three most famous music charts. First is Hot 100, a song chart based on the stream plays and radio airplays. Next is, Billboard 200, a chart ranking the most popular albums and EP based on the selling marketability. Lastly, Artist 100, which tracks the popularity of artists based on their overall performance in major Billboard charts.

The Billboard is only limited to the artists’ general performance in the United States, and international support would not be counted. This could be unfair to the international chapters of fandoms, as they, too, would want their massive patronage on artists to reflect on the Billboard charts.

Support your favorite musicians in billboard charts

Several music enthusiasts consider Billboard as the golden standard of the music industry. Even though it is just limited to the marketability of artists in one certain region, fans from all over the world still show their support in many different ways.

International fans oppose this concept. Being an influential and popular musician should not just be based on what a certain country thinks, it should be global.

The standards that international fans are demanding are impossible for now. But that does not mean that there’s nothing that these fans can’t do to show their support on the Billboard charts.

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