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When finding the right Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to protect your online privacy, you should always aspire to get the best free VPN for Android in the market. You must take the time to research and decide on which feature you need before jumping into one. To get you started, choose the one that can provide quality service without breaking the bank.

Here in this article, we will be sharing with you what makes the best free VPN for Android and how you can choose one. Here we go!

But first, what makes a good VPN?

Aside from protecting you from data theft and manipulation, a good VPN also helps with encrypting basically everything you do online so you leave no trace behind. It can help you surf the internet safely and anonymously as you keep your personal information private. Additionally, a good VPN will help you unblock restricted content and save you big money by switching location servers from one country to another.

One quick search on the internet and you’ll be greeted with countless VPNs ready to serve you, all of which are efficient and trustworthy, but there are four qualifications that make up our top pick for today, namely:

  • Unlimited data usage
  • Excellent speed and security
  • Works for Android
  • 100% free with no subscription fee

Surely, many VPN services make the cut for the first three criteria, but only a few make it to the last one.

Top pick for the best free VPN for Android: GoingVPN

As the leading VPN service provider, GoingVPN offers its users a lightning-fast internet and non-expiring unlimited data usage for streaming and downloading. You can enjoy Friday movie nights wherever you are without your ISP slowing down the internet. Moreover, it uses a military-grade encryption algorithm so you are sure that no one snoops in on your online activities and no one, even professional hackers, can steal and manipulate the data you send over the internet against you. Ever worried about connecting to public Wi-Fi? Now, you don’t have to.  Thanks to GoingVPN’s top-notch security features, you can now connect to unsecured networks, risk-free.

It has over thirty server locations from India to the United Kingdom that can help you defeat geo-blocks so you can continue accessing your favorite websites through your Android phone or tablet, anywhere you are in the world. The best part is, it is 100% FREE with no subscription fee and no annoying pop-up ads! It doesn’t get better than that.

Get your GoingVPN app on Google Play Store, just type in GoingVPN, install, and then see the magic for yourself.

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