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Looking for ways on how you can have uninterrupted Twitch streaming anytime, anywhere? Here’s a mood changer for you! Read on this article and find out how.

Twitch has arguably been the best app for live streaming the best e-sports content and other things that make people excited in 2021—and the statistics can’t deny it.

As of early last year, the app has already garnered a whopping three million monthly broadcasters and fifteen million daily active users. This was during the height of the pandemic.

With the people adjusting to the new protocols, Twitch became the platform for everyone to interact with each other in real-time while staying at home.

However, there have been instances where people are restricted from streaming live broadcasts. In such situations, a good old Virtual Private Network service can help save the day.

Enjoy uninterrupted Twitch streaming all day, everyday

If ever you come across a notification error while watching a live broadcast on Twitch saying “Content not Available,” it’s probably due to one of the two common reasons:

One is that Twitch doesn’t have a license in your region yet or the app is purposely blocked by your local government. Either way, you can get around these restrictions by simply connecting to a free VPN.

This is possible through rerouting your data to a secret tunnel where encryption takes place. When connected, everything that you send including passwords and other personal information will be concealed. This will guarantee you a safe and anonymous browsing experience.

Considering your hidden identity, it will be easier to pass through geographical blocks without alarming the authorities. For this reason, you will now be able to access Twitch and stream non-stop anywhere you are in the world.

Keep it going with GoingVPN

To get things started, you may download a free VPN such as GoingVPN. It provides an unlimited data bandwidth that allows you to stream videos without lags. Plus, it runs a military-grade security system that secures your information while using the app.

With its over thirty server locations from India to the Netherlands, finding a stable connection would be a walk in the park.  But it doesn’t end there. Recently, GoingVPN launched a new version that caters to iOS users. You can read it here. Now, everyone can experience true digital freedom without breaking the bank.  

What are you waiting for? Get your phone and go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and get the GoingVPN app for free with absolutely no subscription fee—and definitely no hidden charges!

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