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As part of the promotion series of K-pop groups every comeback, fans can expect to see their idols on several fan favorite Korean variety shows. Showing off their charms and hidden talents, this is one of the many reasons people got deep into the K-pop world.

In my experience, it all started when my ultimate group guested in a variety show. The rest? I don’t know. As they say, it’s history. However, like any other international fan, I, too, have experienced troubles with accessing these Korean applications and websites.

Since most of the sites and channels that houses the best Korean variety shows are exclusive for the Korean audience only, international fans usually have to take extra steps to watch the show—all in the name of supporting their idols. But not anymore.

With the power of a reliable Virtual Private Network service (VPN), fans from all over the world can watch their favorite Korean shows and re-watch them anytime with just a simple trick.

Using a free VPN to access Korean variety shows

Not many fans know, but by simply changing your virtual location, you can trick the server into believing that you are accessing their app or website from a different country. Hence, granting you an easy pass to consume any Korean content you want. This is possible through a reliable VPN.

A VPN app helps users mask their real IP address to make it seem like they are in a different time zone. For example, you are living in India and you want to access your bias group’s recent variety guesting but unfortunately, the content is unavailable in your country.

Fret not! All you have to do is install a VPN on your mobile device and connect to a South Korean server. Once successful, relaunch the app or website and take it from there.

Now, a VPN doesn’t just help you bypass geographical restrictions but can also protect your online privacy by keeping your identity and all your online activities private. This works by encrypting everything you send over the internet, so you’ll leave no trace behind.

Go with GoingVPN

Now that the comeback season has begun, it is important for us international fangirls and boys to be prepared for whatever comes. One way to do that is to start downloading a free VPN such as GoingVPN to help us pass through strict Korean firewalls and enjoy comeback shows in the smoothest way possible.

GoingVPN provides a fast and safe service that allows users to stream and download large files without risk. It runs a military-grade security system that protects users from hackers and other third-party agents, so fans have one less thing to worry about.

Another thing is it has a simple interface that caters to everyone, even newbies. Simply choose the Seoul server from the list of locations servers available and see the magic for yourself. But the best part is, the app is free with absolutely no monthly fee commitments. Because we all know that the only thing we should be committed to is our bias or biases. 😉

Spread the word to your fellow fans and support your favorite group by watching them on Korean variety shows without restrictions. Bring out the light sticks and photo cards, it’s time for a house party!