Modern technology has made it easier for people to connect and communicate with one another without having to fly out. The emergence of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble has been an effective way to make new connections with just one swipe. Some were able to make online friends while for the lucky ones, it has become a way to find a significant other.

That being said, these apps are taking advantage of the clout and clamor, offering different bundles for users to maximize the experience. Tinder Plus or Gold features an option to find matches in other cities or locations—which isn’t possible for the basic one. This feature is extremely popular for people who are looking to find connections outside their current country.

However, subscribing to these pro services would cause hefty monthly fees, and just isn’t wise especially with the projected economic recession due to the pandemic. We wouldn’t want another monthly bill, right? But not with a reliable Virtual Private Network service or VPN.

How to install a free VPN for Tinder

There are a lot of benefits when using a free VPN for Tinder. It can add another layer of digital protection for the user and can also help bypass geographical restrictions. But for this post specifically, it can let you change your tinder location to interact with matches from another country. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install a VPN successfully:

First up, you need to download a free and safe VPN service such as GoingVPN.

Next, launch the app by connecting to any server location available. Do you want new friends from the US, Japan, or Korea? Click on the said location and wait for it to connect. Make sure to override the GPS location and then click okay on the pop-up connection request message.

Finally, you are required to sign in to your Tinder account. Once done, the app should now recognize the new location. Right then and there, you are now free to swipe right from across the globe with the help of a free VPN.

Just a friendly reminder though, sometimes, the app won’t recognize the changed location when you change your Tinder location in the get-go so users are advised to restart the device and repeat the process.


While the innovation in technology has allowed people to live a more convenient life, it has also caused an even greater threat to everyone’s online privacy. Especially with these dating apps tolerating people to disclose personal information to complete strangers, the risk is higher.

That is why it is important to be aware and proactive in protecting one’s digital rights. To do that, it is essential to download security tools such as Virtual Private Network apps. Aside from it helping users pass through online blocks, it can also help in masking one’s identity and activity from hackers and other third-party agents—including one’s own Internet Service Provider.

To get you started, install GoingVPN on your mobile device now. It offers a quality connection without breaking the bank. Learn more here.