VPN Downloads Skyrocket as Myanmar Falls into Third Internet Shutdown in Two Weeks | GoingVPN

If you haven’t been following the latest news on the Myanmar military coup, the officials have now mandated another internet shutdown after protesters continue to share opposition posts and updates online. This will be the third time in two weeks that they try to restrain the information flow within the country by banning popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Furthermore, the country’s ruling military junta are taking extra steps into crafting legislation that allows the authority to take total control of everything that is shared online. With the passing of this cybersecurity bill, the junta will have the power to access a user’s personal and private information, along with blocking certain websites, and worse, imprisoning online critics. Human rights activists issued dissent over this matter as this move, they said, will only benefit the powerful and execute the powerless.

Free VPN as a tool to help protect digital rights and restore internet access

As a result of the continuous threat to their online freedom, citizens found ways to protect themselves from these attacks. One easy way that helped them was by installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service on their mobile devices. With a VPN, they were able to bypass the internet blocks and openly communicate with each other, and most importantly, stay updated with the recent affairs in their country.

On the first day of the coup, the demand for a reliable VPN in Myanmar surged by over 7,000%, according to a UK-based study. This is a great boost in the statistics as it means that more and more people are becoming proactive when it comes to their digital rights. Additionally, more VPN users mean a wider proliferation of useful information across the borders.

Choosing the right VPN

One specific feature that you should look out for when finding the right VPN to use to bypass a government-issued ban is tight security. Authorities are eager when tracing down the origins of posts attacking them, so you should be careful and thorough with your research before jumping into one.

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