I was deep into my Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) slumber when Marvel Studios finally announced the release of WandaVision. This is the first installment of the highly-anticipated queue of Marvel Studios TV Series. I have been patiently (more like impatiently) waiting for the release ever since Endgame, because you know how heartbreaking that was for almost every one of us. In my mind, I thought, this is what’s going to redeem my 2020. Sadly, for me, I was headed towards another heartbreak. When Marvel announced that they were going to release the series exclusively on Disney Plus, I knew it was the endgame for me. (See what I did there?)

Understanding geo-blocks

Big companies such as Disney use geo-blocks to restrict consumers outside of their service area from accessing their products. This technology is more popularly known as geographical blocking. By tracking the user’s IP address, and identifying the country of origin, those in control can easily block a user’s access from their end. For example, you are trying to stream a Disney Plus show from the Philippines or India, although you have a paid subscription, the screen will only show you this error message:

This has something to do with licensing policies and broadcasting rights. Learn more about geo-blocks by reading this post.

Using a free VPN to bypass geographical restrictions

Since Disney Plus is only currently available in selected countries such as the US, Canada, and the Netherlands, it will be hard for someone living outside these countries to watch Disney-exclusive shows such as WandaVision. However, with the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, anyone can easily pass through any restrictions.

How? A VPN masks your real IP address and tricks the remote server into believing that you are accessing their service from your chosen virtual server. All you have to do is:

First, download any VPN of your choice, we’re suggesting GoingVPN.

Next up, activate the app by connecting to any available server location.

Lastly, log in to your Disney Plus account and enjoy streaming.

Friendly reminder: This VPN trick will only work if you already have a Disney Plus subscription. Connecting to a VPN will not allow you to watch exclusive shows for free.

GoingVPN as the best free VPN to watch Disney Plus exclusives

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