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Attention, iOS users! You can now stay safe and connected via GoingVPN’s latest update.

In the digital age, the use of a Virtual Private Network service or a VPN has become not just a luxury but a necessity. Especially now that most of the activities are done online, logging in to the internet without the aid of a reliable VPN means we are deliberately exposing our private information to online predators.

Such is the main reason why IT professionals have been pushing us to be more proactive in protecting our own online privacy through the use of a VPN. To those who are still not aware of how powerful a VPN can be, here is a simple explanation:

A VPN can help alleviate the increasing number of cybercrimes by data encryption. It hides the user’s traffic and online identity through a secret tunnel where the encryption of data takes place. This process jumbles up the data, making it unreadable even for professional hackers. This is also why once the data reaches its original destination, there would be no trace of its real origin.

GoingVPN’s latest update now caters iOS users

Having known all that, choosing the right VPN would be the next problem. But don’t look any further. GoingVPN is here to make it easier for everyone. This free VPN offers a fast and safe connection while working quietly in the background. It also has over thirty server locations that cater to all Android users across the globe. Quality meets affordability? It’s possible! Now with the latest version update, it has become even better.

The long wait is finally over. Following the successful release of the GoingVPN app on the Google Play Store, it has now expanded to cater to more users, and help secure more digital lives. Thanks to the new iOS version update, iPhone users can now enjoy unrestricted web access for free.

GoingVPN on iOS provides the same quality service that allows users to have total internet freedom without breaking the bank. It has unlimited bandwidth and lightning-fast data that prevents lags when streaming shows or downloading huge files, global server locations that ensure a stable connection whenever and wherever; and most importantly, a military-grade security feature that guarantees total online privacy. It literally has everything and more.

Note: GoingVPN app requires iOS 12 or later for best results.

Go to the App Store and download GoingVPN for iOS now. Learn more by visiting www.goingvpn.com.