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It is infuriating when an awesome and viral YouTube video that internet users talk about on social media is blocked in your current location. Same goes for helpful YouTube videos that you need to watch, may it be in the form of tutorials, tips, or commentaries.

These videos are blocked in some regions because of two factors: first, YouTube is complying with existing licensing laws in every region. Second, it is the prerogative of the YouTube video owners to make their content be seen and hidden in specific areas.

You may find alternatives for these blocked Youtube videos, but it’s delightful to watch what’s beneath the geo-blocked videos. After all, curiosity will always be there. People from other countries are enjoying a certain video, while you are missing out on something fun or amazing… life-changing, even.

Well, there is one way you can bypass geo-blocked YouTube contents. That is via VPN or Virtual Private Network.

A reliable way to bypass geo-blocked YouTube contents

A VPN will spoof your location through server locations available in a VPN app. Server locations may differ, depending on the VPN tool that a user is using.

The online world call this process encryption. The VPN will set-up a connection between your device and the internet. This will hide your real IP address replacing it with a curated one which is now based on the server location you have chosen.

A quick tip: If you’re living in a country where there are stricter online censorship rules, you may want to connect to a server location where there are more lenient censorship guidelines, say, United States or Canada.

Also, your online presence will have a layer of cybersecurity as with a VPN. You are sure you are not seen by any third parties roaming around the web.

But, there is an issue: what is the most suitable VPN tool for this kind of dilemma? 

Favorably, there is a free VPN app that can give you a high-quality service like premium VPNs, and at the same time, a safe and secured tool unlike the other sketchy free VPNs in the market.

Go for the gold with GoingVPN

GoingVPN is a free VPN app that offers features similar to a paid one. Who would’ve thought that anyone can get those for free, right?

This free VPN app has a built-in lightning speed technology helping you watch YouTube videos without experiencing lag and buffers. With GoingVPN, you will not just bypass geo-blocked YouTube contents, but also, you can watch all videos that you want in peace.

Moreover, GoingVPN provides unlimited data bandwidth. You can now watch YouTube videos anytime, without worrying that your data will expire.

Above all, you’re guaranteed of your online safety as GoingVPN does not, in any way, record your online data and activities. 

What more can you ask for in a VPN? Choose wisely. Download GoingVPN, the best free VPN app.

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